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Comments from 2016 Short Course Participants

“Outside plant ID with a botanist who know what they are looking at is AWESOME training for plant community managers.”

“Great campus, food, and instructors.  Good learning environment.”

“Very fun training.  The trainers were entertaining and got the information to us in a fun way.”

“Great training and location.”

“Environment is awesome for the course.”

“Great trainers and very knowledgeable staff.  Enjoyed the interactive sessions the most.”

2016 Western Invasive Weed Short Course Agenda

Comments from 2015 Short Course Participants

“Keep the amazing trainers.”

“Training is exceptional, the variety is very beneficial.”

“Fabulous! Awesome, engaging, intelligent, articulate, and fun presentations!”

“This was one of the best learning experiences I have ever attended. Very nice that schedule was strictly adhered to and kept on-topic.”

“This was a really well planned, prepared, and informative short course. With very little previous knowledge, I think it gave an incredibly well rounded introduction to the various topics with weed science.”

2015 Western Invasive Weed Short Course Agenda

Comments from 2014 Short Course Participants

“Weed walks are extremely valuable.”  

“Excellent.  Plan to return for another one.

"Outstanding experience / superb trainers"

"Good Experience!  Would & will encourage others from my office to attend!"
2014 Western Invasive Weed Short Course Agenda


Comments from 2013 Short Course Participants

“Overall the training was the best I have been to.  Very helpful for my personal ability to do a better job.”

“Great training staff.  Extremely knowledgeable and great applicable field understanding.  Not just theory.”
“Best 4 days  I’ve ever spent in a classroom or lecture environment.”
“Interaction/Networking opportunity = Great”
“Overall excellent experience – learned a lot and will recommend to others.”
“The course was a great experience.  Also an excellent venue to exchange information with other professionals”

2013 Western Invasive Weed Short Course Agenda

Comments from 2012 Short Course Participants

“Training was excellent; great discussion and trainers.”

“I would highly recommend it to other people.”

“What a great experience! Excellent! I liked the way you tried to facilitate to all people’s weed species and not just Colorado.”

“The training was geared towards all applicators and very informing.”

“I really enjoyed the activities like the ‘wacky weed games.”

2012 Noxious Weed Short Course Agenda

Comments from 2011 Short Course Participants

 “Very good! Amazing talent and expertise in a beautiful setting.”

 “Very well timed to maximize ‘learning’ time and allow for absorption of material, not just ‘teaching to the test.’”

“An impressive slate of instructors who were very well versed in their respective specialty.”

 “Weed walk was great! Enjoyed interactive situations.  I learned a lot of very valuable information that will help me…”

 “The CD with the course info + presentation is a big plus. Very helpful reference material.”

 “The overall experience was great, especially the approachability of the presenters…”

2011 Noxious Weed Short Course Agenda
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