Mountain West PEST

2011 National Pesticide Applicator Certification & Training Workshop


Portland, Oregon 

Workshop: August 9-11, 2011
Pest Management Tour: August 8, 2011

PACT 2011 Evaluation

The PACT 2011 Workshop Evalution will be conducted via SurveyMonkey.  Access the evaluation at  The survey has been extended until September 2, 2011.

PACT 2013

The PACT 2013 Workshop will be held in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.  The exact location and date are still to be determined.

PACT Workshop 2011 Contact

Contact for State-Designee Airfare/Train/Mileage Reimbursement & Questions:

Carol Ramsay, NASDARF

PO Box 27

Colfax, WA 99111

Phone: 208-301-3654 (Pacific Time)



Contact for State-Designee Approval:

Michelle Arling, US EPA

1200 Pennsylvania Ave (7506C)

Washington, DC  20460-0001

Phone: 703-308-5891, Fax: 703-308-2962 (Eastern Time)



Contact for General Questions Regarding PACT Workshop:

Sandra McDonald, Mountain West PEST

2960 Southmoor Drive

Fort Collins, CO 80525

Phone: 970-266-9573 (Mountain Time)


Contact for PACT Workshop Registration:

Richard Zabel, Western Forestry and Conservation Association

4033 SW Canyon Rd

Portland, OR 97221

Phone: 503-226-4562, Fax: 503-226-2515 (Pacific Time)



Contact for Workshop Exhibitors:

Roger Flashinski, University of Wisconsin PAT Program Manager

Dept of Agronomy

1575 Linden Dr

Madison WI 53706

Phone: 608-263-6358 (Central Time)

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